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【全球智慧製造】Software Engineer/MES

Job Type




About the Role


As a Software Engineer on the MES team, your role includes designing and developing MES web applications. Your goals are to optimize manufacturing workflows, streamline material preparation processes, and provide comprehensive data analytics services. You'll work closely with cross-functional teams, including process engineers, to ensure that our solutions align with real-world production needs. Your technical expertise will be key in creating robust and scalable software for enhancing manufacturing efficiency.


• Responsible for designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining software for internal manufacturing execution systems.

• Collaborate and communicate directly with internal users to design software tools for optimizing the production workflow.

• Enhance and maintain our existing backend web services.

• Improve the reliability, scalability, and performance of web services.

• Troubleshoot software issues and implement fixes.


• Proven experience in developing scalable and maintainable systems capable of handling large data volumes and high throughput.• Proficiency in backend languages such as C#, Java, Go, or others.• Strong communication and collaboration skills.• Experience in the Manufacturing or Logistics Industry is a plus.


  • 學歷要求: 碩士以上

  • 科系要求: 工程學群、 資訊工程學系、 資訊管理學系

  • 語文條件: 英文-中等、 中文-精通

  • 語言證書: 英文多益 TOEIC600



  1. 熟悉網頁開發技巧 (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript ES6 or Typescript)

  2. 至少使用過任一 Front-end Framework (Angular 5+, Vue or React)

  3. 至少使用過任一 後端Web Framework (C# ASP NET or Java Spring, ...)

  4. 熟悉軟體版本控管工具 (Git or SVN)


  1. 有產線製造流程改善經驗

  2. MES系統設計與規劃經驗

  3. 熟悉 Angular 5+ 開發與 Typescript

  4. 熟悉 ASP .NET Core

  5. 良好英文溝通能力與經驗或跨國協作經驗 

About the Team


你知道Garmin的智慧工廠嗎? 你知道火星上出現過Garmin的產品嗎? 你知道飛行員總是配戴Garmin的手錶上天空嗎?




  • 工業4.0 未來趨勢,研究IoT與雲端開發與大數據應用,深度了解資料儲存與訊息溝通

  • 影像處理與光學檢查技術

  • 垂直整合完整的工廠流程,讓你一次在台灣了解工廠生態鏈

  • 機器手臂應用,實現工廠自動化

  • 開發生產管理系統,結合大數據,邁向智慧製造

  • 與國外同事共同合作,拓展國際視野 

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