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About the Role

 [Job Detail] – to fulfill demand in time to avoid shortage, setup proper inventory strategy and supply plan.

1. Demand fulfillment. To coordinate to solve the bottleneck to catch up demand fulfillment.

2. Inventory control. To define target and control mechanism to have stable inventory to avoid excess or shortage.

3. Planning Process enhancement. There are many activities involved in supply chain. And there are more and more uncertainty from demand or supply factors. To review and have continuous improvement for planning process in each supply chain process and activities to quick response for demand fulfillment and cost control.  


  • 學歷要求: 學士以上、 碩士以上

  • 科系要求: 航太工程系、 造船工程系、 車輛工程學系、 工程學群、 機械工程學系

  • 語文條件: 英文-中等

  • 語言證書: 英文多益 TOEIC600



1. 具有品保或製程相關工作經驗者尤佳

2. 具有撰寫 PFMEA 及 control plan 之能力者尤佳

3. 具有不良品分析及撰寫 8D report 之能力者尤佳

4. 內外良好溝通能力

5. 多益成績600分以上

6. (AOEM Only)Familiar with IATF16949, VDA6.3 or other automotive requirements

7. (AOEM Only)Experience with automotive customer (BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Yamaha...)

8. (AOEM Only)Ability of speaking Japanese / German


1. 機械相關系所畢業者

2. 具有CQT/ CQE證照者尤佳

3. 了解 ISO9001及 ISO13485 相關知識尤佳

About the Team

Quick response on every orders, provide delivery schedule and logistic service is our mission. To achieve this target, we constructed management process and control appropriate KPIs. The management process can be classified to 5 scopes, and is including demand planning, production planning, material planning, service planning and logistic service management. To achieve quick response for every challenge from demand or supply uncertainty, we need to do continuous improvement for planning process, system with efficient way to lower our logistic and inventory cost.

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