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About the Role

Below are two directions of our tasks. Choose one as most suitable for you.

A. Technical Test Tools Development

1. Develop an PC-based Automation Test Platform which can be used to test the software functions (e.g., Media, Navi, BT, Connected services, and vehicle networks) of all of our automotive products.

2. Develop core functionality for this Automation Test Platform. Including but not limited to: image processing for product’s display, audio signal processing for product’s audio output, automatic control of product’s UI with robotic arm and other fixtures, database design for test data management, and web frontend/backend for automation test dashboard.

3. Study industry wide Best Testing Practices and evolving standards to improve the effectiveness and productivity of testing

4. Collaborate closely with Garmin global associates to develop, maintain and enhance automation test tools

5. Research the new technology and new testing feature / facility for the automotive products.

B. Automation Test Development

1. Develop and execute test plans for software function validation at both system and user level, as well as improve validation processes and methodologies.

2. Create test case scripts for automated testing.

3. Develop and maintain test automation solutions in Python.

4. Develop and maintain team-oriented tools and platform to increase test productivity.

5. Collaborate closely with Garmin global associates to develop, maintain and enhance automation test tools. 


  • 學歷要求: 碩士以上

  • 語文條件: 英文-精通、 中文-精通


[Basic requirements]

1. Familiar with Windows desktop application development

2. Familiar with OOP/C#/Python

3. Knowledge of data structure / algorithm

4. Good understanding of IPC (Inter-process-communication) programming

5. Experiences of automated GUI test

6. Fluent English communication skill

7. Good teamwork ability

[Preferred requirements]

1. Experience with git/gerrit

2. Experience with Linux/Android/iOS programming

3. Experience with CAN bus / Vector CAPL

4. Experience with Automotive Ethernet

5. Experience with robotic arm programming control

6. Experience with SQL database

7. Experience with Image processing / audio data processing

8. Experience with web frontend/backend development

9. Knowledge of design pattern

10. Ability to work across multiple operating system, and handling multiple projects at the same time 

About the Team

Automotive electronics has become a global trend in the technology field. Being one of the leaders in the field, Garmin aims to become a superior supplier for international Automotive manufacturers with various products and professional services. We welcome you to join the team.

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