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Manufacturing Project Manager

Job Type



新北市汐止區, 桃園市龜山區

About the Role

  • synchronize in-time information to both design and manufacturing team and make sure cross function team on the same page.

  • provide mitigation plan with cross function team when facing manufacturing/material/capacity issues.

  • work with factory team to achieve shipment target from NPI to MP phase.

  • work with engineering team/process team to solve manufacturing issues.

  • work with material/buyer team to ensure material delivery.

  • work with process engineer/production planner to ensure production capacity.


  • 學歷要求: 學士以上

  • 科系要求: 通訊工程學系、 光電工程學系、 工程學群、 電機工程學系、 機械工程學系、 材料工程學系、 化學工程學系、 工業工程學系、 電子工程學系

  • 語文條件: 中文-精通、 英文-精通

  • 語言證書: 英文多益 TOEIC600



【Desired Skills and Experience】

  • Bachelor/Master degree in Engineering related field

  • Must be familiar with new product development process of consumer electronics

  • Must be familiar with consumer electronics manufacturing process including SMT/optical bonding/system level assembly

  • Have experience leading cross function team to solve manufacturing/yield rate issues

  • Good to have experience of process engineer and project manager 

About the Team

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